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This short film was produced, directed, and filmed by Jennifer Brown through the Education Committee of FNPS (Debra Klein, Ellen Broderick, and Richard Brownscombe). Enjoy this field trip with Roger Hammer and Craig Huegel! 

Florida Kissimmee Prairie Wildflower Walk from Florida Native Plant Society on Vimeo.

We think you'll enjoy this with Darrel Morrison, landscape architect ...


E. O. Wilson has published a new textbook, Life on Earth, a truly wonderful multimedia experience about ecology and fascinating understandings about living things. Some chapters are about earth's plants. Most remarkable, the series (eventually 41 chapters, with the first 7 currently released) is free. Thank you to the E. O. Wilson Foundation and others. You can download each chapter from iTunes, but be patient. All those beautiful photos and videos within the book make the files very large.


Plant Real Florida  (Florida Association of Native Nurseries)


Looking for native plants for your garden? Don't get discouraged! Fill out our new Native Plant Wishlist form. We'll help locate a nursery that sells them. Don't forget to indicate the pot sizes you prefer.

If you need butterfly plants, both sites shown on the form indicate those for host or nectar for many butterfly species. Send the completed list to the Broward Chapter.


Use the "Plants" tab above for all kinds of local Broward native plant information or email us if you can't find what you need there.


A few quiet minutes with the extirpated and wonderfully extant native plants of Broward...
(click on Vimeo for HD and full screen)

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Published on  27.07.2015