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Promote the preservation, conservation and restoration of the native plants and native plant communities of Florida

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First-ever FNPS Landscaping Brochure

Here is the new Southeast Regional FNPS Native Landscaping brochure (Brevard to Dade). One side shows 63 recommended landscape species in their "right place" (sunny-dry soils, for example) with at least 6 species for each light and soil-moisture zone. The other side has basic native landscaping tips and recommended links and books for additonal information. You can get a copy at any Broward Chapter event. Broward County's NatureScape program is also provding copies at many events throughout the county.

Look below for a comprehensive list of Broward County landscape and ethusiast species using the same light and soil-moisture zones and sorted by plant size. This comprehensive list is a full pallet of species landscapers might consider to design innovative native landscaping in Broward.

This list of 386 species includes an index. Use it if you can't find your favorite species in the expected zone. An undated version will repeat species that thrive in more than one light-moisture zone. Get addtional details for every species on this list at RegionalConservation.org, "Natives For Your Neighborhood."

Friends of Natural Areas in Broward, a new committee of the Parks Foundation of Broward


NATIVE NURSERIES list online...  (download or print it)

Native plants have longstanding relationships with wildlife and some birds, butterflies, pollinators, and other creatures require a particular native species for food, reproduction, essential chemicals, or health. Below are three plant lists that help you match butterflies with the native plants they require or desire. Photo: Bob Peterson

Broward County butterfly and plant list

South Florida Butterfly Chapter host plant list
South Florida Butterfly Chapter host (sorted by plant)

South Florida Butterfly Chapter nectar plant list

Looking for native plants for your garden? Don't get discouraged! Send us an email at: info@coontie.org.

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Published on  27.05.2018